Healing Hearts Psychic Surgeons are a unique group of healers providing Psychic Surgery to anyone who would like it. Our Psychic Surgeon guides use the most up to date techniques not available on the physical Earth. This is the most powerful healing available anywhere.

We charge a minimum donation of £5 which goes to our charities. Healing hearts is a non profit organisation and the healers give there time freely.

We have a number of Testimonials from people we have been treated at the centre and at the Mind Body and

Soul at Olympia in London.

If you are in pain or have any unexplained condition that you would like treated come along and see what we can do to help you.

The treatment itself is completely non-evasive and no cutting of the physical skin takes place. Our psychic surgeon guides work on the Etheric body of the human aura and any changes they make later manifest into the

physical body over a few days. There is no pain felt during this work only complete relaxation.

No clothing apart from outer coats need be removed during this treament.

Please be there by 8.00pm because treatment  takes from 20-30 minutes to complete and you will have to sign

a consent form before it can begin.

We open from 7-10pm on some Thursdays every month except for the last Thursday in December.

For more information about Healing and Bad Energy removal see the pages of our website at

www.healing-hearts-centre.co.uk  or call 07455227100

Information is also available on our Facebook page at   Healinghearts.centre

07 Nov 2019 at 7:00pm
until 08 Jul 2021 at 10:00pm
Bulphan Village Hall
Church Road
Bulphan Nr Upminster
RM14 3RU

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